What impact has the coaching had on your life?

I feel like a fire has been lit beneath me! I have been working happily each day. I’ve been much more productive but the biggest return has been how happy it has made me.
I find the energy spilling over into all areas of my life.
Thank you!!!
Angela, Artist, Tokyo, Japan

I feel like a fire has been life beneath me!

What is Jennifer Shinkai like as a coach?

Jennifer has touched my heart first with her soft voice and secondly with her sensitivity. I love the way she challenges me always to go further by helping me to find the courage to be truly me and how she gives me inspirations with her depthless resources. She is so friendly and wholehearted, totally non-judgemental and its so easy to trust her and to connect with her. She always hears more than what’s said.

What you get out of coaching sessions with Jennifer Shinkai?

I feel energized, lifted up, inspired. I always leave the session with a deeper trust in myself.

What has changed in your life/beliefs since you started coaching with Jennifer Shinkai?

I know I can always go further, ask for more from life, dare to do more.

What is the most useful part of your coaching sessions?

I love the way that Jennifer challenges me and I love how she always find something to appreciate/acknowledge in me, like something very subtle which I think people don’t even notice…

How would you describe Jennifer as a coach?

I think she is authentic, not pretentious and not forcing/trying too hard. I love the way she is so easy to talk to or so easy to connect with, and that she is always welcoming, embracing whatever comes out of me.
Sabia B, Coaching Client, France

Inspiring, energising, challenging coaching