Wanda Ruiz, Head of Strategy and Business Operations Japan, Merck Biopharma

How did Jennifer Shinkai add value to your organisation?

Jennifer led a training session for our group from Oct 2020 to Feb 2021. Her invaluable comments, advice, and insights helped the team members get a better understanding of themselves, their role in the group and the organization, and their influence on other members of the group and organization

What was it like to work with her?

Jennifer has a particularly exceptional method of making people realize things they did not notice previously and always follows this “discovery” with what to do with that new information/knowledge. Her methods always directly lead to concrete actions and are more effective than typical training methods we have undergone to date.

Why would you recommend her to facilitate workshops/ offer coaching for other organisations?

As previously mentioned, Jennifer’s sessions are not just about gaining new ideas/realizations/knowledge, but what to do with that so that it makes a bigger impact in future activities/life/work, and are thus far more effective than just simple “training.”

I would recommend giving Jennifer’s specialized sessions a try. I can guarantee you will not regret it.

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