Sarah Goretta, Regional Regulatory Manager, Bayer South East Asia

I usually work with Jennifer when I am stuck and need to broaden my horizon. I usually come with a lot of mess in my head and she helps me sort it out, starting with clarifying the issue itself! And then we go with the game (coaching process) she thinks is the best adapted to my situation. I really leave it all to her and just let myself be guided through the process! I never fail to be amazed by the outcome!

What is Jennifer Shinkai like as a coach?

Jennifer is a very accessible, enthusiastic and luminous coach! Her love of her work and Points of You® really shines through making me feel very comfortable to go deeper into myself and to be honest with my struggles!

Why would you recommend Jennifer Shinkai as a facilitator/coach?

Jennifer brings light and energy into a room and when coaching with Points of You®, it is very powerful! There is always a new window opening after a session with her. Discovering about oneself or finding ways to overcome hurdles become really fun! Her coaching style and the games Jennifer do are so compelling that you come back for more!

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