Ryo Shirai,Executive Director, HRBP G&A Lead, HRBP G&A, Astellas Pharma Inc

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How did ORSC® Trained Systems Coaches Jennifer Shinkai and Rieko Aiba add value to your organisation?

As System Coaches they facilitated (the 120 minute online session for a global team) very well, bringing the voice of our team quite effectively.

What were their strengths as a facilitator/moderator/coach? How would you describe their style? What was it like to work with them?

They were good at asking questions in the right timing. They facilitated the session in a well balanced way, both proactively interacting with us to bring our idea, as well as taking a good pause to give us a space to think about something. And they are good at understanding of culture difference.

Why would you recommend them to facilitate workshops/ offer coaching for other organisations?

I strongly recommend them as they both have international experience knowing different culture and they are good at/well take care of not only session facilitation but also preparation and post-session follow up.

I very much appreciate their work and want to ask them for next session in the near future!

Ryo Shirai, Executive Director, HRBP G&A Lead, HRBP G&A, Astellas Pharma Inc
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