Jody Ono, Hitotsubashi ICS

Jennifer understands something critical for good facilitation: that not every workshop participant is 100% convinced of the process, and that everyone in the room is starting from different initial conditions. She has a keen perceptiveness about people, and about diversity of mindsets, that enhances her efficacy as a workshop leader. Jennifer is approachable and “real,”Continue reading “Jody Ono, Hitotsubashi ICS”

If you are nervous about presentations, this is definitely a good opportunity!

As part of a bilingual PR agency, employees are often required to pitch proposals and project ideas to English speaking C-level clients. A tailor-made 4 session programme focused on visuals (body language and slide deck), preparing an audience focused message, and opening and closing with impact. Participants were given multiple opportunities to deliver real presentationsContinue reading “If you are nervous about presentations, this is definitely a good opportunity!”

Realigning the Leadership Team

Jennifer Shinkai facilitated a series of quarterly workshops for the Leadership Team of Icon Partners K.K., a boutique recruitment agency specialising in SCM and Logistics. After the second session, Jeremy Sanderson, CEO, gave the following testimonial “It was a very productive session for us. I continued the charge at our managers’ meeting this morning, andContinue reading “Realigning the Leadership Team”

I feel like a fire has been life beneath me!

I feel like a fire has been lit beneath me! I have been working happily each day. I’ve been much more productive but the biggest return has been how happy it has made me. I find the energy spilling over into all areas of my life. Thank you!!! Angela, Artist, Tokyo, Japan