Alison Kim, Team Leader InfoSec, PMI

Jennifer conducted an Internal Team building workshop as a facilitator in August 2020.

How would you describe her style?

Strong positive energy and happy virus sharing. Happy virus means you make other people around you also happy like you. (not harmful virus, of course 😊)

Why would you recommend her to facilitate workshops/ offer coaching for other organisations?

She can help the team build strong teamwork even in a Covid situations. She also has nice tools to facilitate workshops remotely. This is especially beneficial for the teams in different (remote) locations.

Team Collage Online with Points of You® Tools on Mural

Aya Yamanouchi, Learning & Development Manager, LVMH Japan K.K.

When did you work with Jennifer Shinkai (event, date, her role, areas of expertise)? How did she add value to your organisation?

Presentation Training for DARE TOKYO, Virtual Workshop L>C Covid 19 Initiative

What were her strengths as a facilitator/moderator/coach? How would you describe her style? What was it like to work with her?

Jennifer is very open minded professional coach and facilitator. She is flexible in creating contents by listening carefully our needs, and deliver workshops and training which encourage talents to dare to act and transform.

Why would you recommend her to facilitate workshops/ offer coaching for other organisations?

Flexibility, Understanding of cultural diversity, Creativity, Empower talents by her passion for people development

Asami Matsumoto, CEO/Founder, Active Connector Inc.

How did Jennifer Shinkai add value to your organisation?

After consulting with Jennifer about the company’s situation, Jennifer made a proposal of training details. Then she planned and led the training workshop.

We started to move into sudden full remote work while there were some communication issues in the team. Facing this current challenging external situation, it was critical for us to create a strong team foundation first. We asked Jennifer to remove some of the issues caused by miscommunication in the team.

Her session enabled us to see the situation really clearly and made each one of us, individually, grow as a person. She taught everyone of us great framework on how we should perceive our communication issues. Her training gave us some foundation for our future talk in the team members.

What were her strengths as a facilitator/moderator/coach? How would you describe her style? What was it like to work with her?

She has great empathy and very good at all kinds of online technical training tools. She carefully designed the session so as to ease the tension as well as nerverousness of the team members.

She successfully made the team members aware that the training that she was going to provide is not for the company’s purpose but ultimately about each individual’s growth opportunity. She definitely set the right tone in the very beginning with her attitudes as well as words.

The whole session was online, through zoom, but she used all kinds of online training tools very effectively and professionally. We were very impressed how much we can do trainings in remote setting. We even feel like the training was very effective because it was remote/on zoom.

She gave us great homework that enabled us to deepen our understanding of our training sessions and have a great self reflective time!

Why would you recommend her to facilitate workshops/ offer coaching for other organisations?

Definitely yes!! Especially if the team consists of multicultural members and use English as a main language, she is the great facilitator! She also has a great understanding of Japanese culture, so even the session is going to be in English, she pays attention to Japanese participants and be mindful of how the training should be conducted with the consideration of Japanese culture aspects (as well as some English difficulties those non-native speakers tend to face)

Hendrik Kwee, Manager, Talent Management & Development, Philip Morris Japan K.K.

We work with Jennifer to ensure that our employees are engaged and also that we look after their social wellbeing amid covid19 pandemic where most our employees are working from home. Jennifer was able to provide solutions for us to achieve just this.

Using some tips from Points of You®, Jennifer was able to customize a solution tailored to our needs.

We are thankful for her facilitation and passion to ensure that our participants get the most out of the program.

Jennifer is flexible and is able to work with our requirements. She facilitates workshops well in both English and Japanese languages.

Jennifer is an experienced facilitator and easy to work with and has also worked in corporate environment.

Naomi Takase, Talent Acquisition Director, LVMH Japan

Jennifer Shinkai is one of LVMH Japan’s trusted business partners. Her coaching sessions are regarded highly by our Japanese and non-Japanese participants. She pushes us outside of our comfort zone but provides a safe environment to learn from mistakes or take risks. She incorporates our Company values into the sessions, and takes time to understand our business so that her examples use our terminology and key messages. We are lucky to be able to work with Jennifer Sensei.

Katerina Golembiowski

I worked with Jennifer as my executive coach as part of the Integrating your Ikigai coaching journey programme in 2019/2020.

For me there is a lot of inspiration in term of creating materials, structure of the online cooperation (which is significantly different from 1:1 live sessions), I loved how structured and organised the communication was.

Jennifer has a great sense of business and also very kind approach. The sessions inspired me to do many changes in term of organizing my coaching online practice.

She has a personal approach, is kind, and very professional.

Chika Kimura, DFS Group

“I first got her presentation training for my business idea pitch in Oct.2019. It was group session and she improved every participants’ pitch significantly. She is really good at facilitating group collaboration as well as improving individual skill. Her class is interactive and fun! She teaches in Japanese and English so participants can learn also communication in English. Her workshop includes multiple benefits and different from simple coaching.”

– Participant in Opening with Impact  (part of The Presentation Skills Programme)

Emma Hickinbotham, British Embassy, Tokyo

Jennifer led a really useful ‘points of you’ session for our team at the start of the year. She focused us all on the priorities for the upcoming year and enabled us to visualize end results. Jennifer’s ability to deliver training in both English and Japanese was a real plus for our bicultural team.

She put all participants at ease and engaged each team member. I would absolutely recommend Jennifer for workshop facilitation and would use her services again without hesitation.

Joo-Seuk Maing, Marketing Director, BOSCH Corporation Japan

“Jennifer provided facilitator role with concepts as Points of You, 4 Tendencies and Appreciative Inquiry in Japanese and English. Focus on Self Awareness as the source of change that needs to enable the whole organization for the transformation in the Automotive industry. Create creative ideas and sample process to MVP with out-of-box-thinking and Design Thinking Methods, customer centricity and fun in mind. We all left the day of facilitation exhausted, but happy with a smile for the different perspectives we had a chance to enter.

Jennifer is empathetic and strong in group management, Jennifer always knew what the group needed (we started with a meditation! :-)) and set the tone with different tools throughout the day. Her bilingual language skills were highly appreciated and were one of the main reasons for many managers to actively participate throughout the whole day

Highly recommend Jennifer, great investment of budget and time into a more inclusive and empathetic team!”

Jody Ono, Hitotsubashi ICS

Jennifer understands something critical for good facilitation: that not every workshop participant is 100% convinced of the process, and that everyone in the room is starting from different initial conditions. She has a keen perceptiveness about people, and about diversity of mindsets, that enhances her efficacy as a workshop leader. Jennifer is approachable and “real,” and is able to connect to individuals in diverse groups. Her workshops do not push participants too hard to “buy into” the content. As a leadership instructor, I value that quality as it is one that I try to cultivate myself.