Mitsuko Okamura, Regional HR Manager – North East Asia, H&M

We invited Jennifer as a facilitator of training within my HR team on the subject of change management. I have also privately asked her to coach me to improve my presentation skill.

What I appreciated Jennifer as a facilitator is that when we approached her, she listened to our challenges and suggested the contents which exactly matched our needs.

She was open to customize or share the contents with us according to our requests. We encourage our leaders to be catalysts, and the idea of moving out of drama triangle, and instead empowering people was exactly what we wanted to promote.

What were her strengths as a facilitator/moderator/coach? How would you describe her style? What was it like to work with her?

As a coach, she put focuses on why, purpose, and vision. And this was powerful to me. Envisioning who I want to be after completing the coaching sessions was not totally comfortable at the beginning, but once I overcame the insecurity, I was finally able to focus on how I could improve myself. She shared the technical skills with me, but what I appreciated the most was that she was there as a mental support.

Why would you recommend her to facilitate workshops/ offer coaching for other organisations?

Jennifer is bilingual and understands the challenges in the workplaces in Japan. She is able to suggest how best we can approach specific problems. My team and I also appreciated that she is such a warm, cheerful, and inspiring facilitator!

How did you feel after the presentation skills coaching?

I feel much more confidence with presenting/speaking in public in general. Initially selecting the image of “who I want to be” was powerful. The repetition of preparing my speech, practicing on my own, presenting, receiving feedback, and implementing the feedback and trying again was a great exercise for me.