Mira Simic-Yamashita PhD, Psychologist, Therapist & Academic

I participated in Jennifer’s Ikigai & Points of You® online workshop on June 10th, 2021.

What were her strengths as a facilitator/moderator/coach? How would you describe her style? What was it like to work with her?

She is very warm, intuitive, and incredibly knowledgeable facilitator. She guides gently, listens with open heart, and makes you feel comfortable and accepted. Before this workshop, I knew a little about the framework of Ikigai, but didn’t know how to put it in practice and arrive to insights by myself.

However, with Jennifer’s masterful guidance, using visual prompts from Points of You® cards, I was able to look deeply and discover new things about myself, some more obvious, some more subtle, and to come to some important realizations.

I learned that Ikigai can be many things in life, and that I am actually very close to living that life fully.

Why would you recommend her to facilitate workshops/ offer coaching for other organisations?

This is a nice, gentle, warm exercise, that I would recommend to anyone who is curious to learn more about themselves. It will open some new questions, but provide many meaningful answers as well.