Catherine O’Connell, Principal, Founder & CEO, Catherine O’Connell Law

When did you work with Jennifer Shinkai? How did she add value to your organisation?

I have worked with Jennifer as a client of mine.

In addition she has facilitated two Points of You programs for Women in Law Japan (WILJ) in 2019 and 2020. I am also a member in her Make March Matter online community.

As a client, Jennifer is very easy to work with, asks intelligent and on-point questions and is prompt with responses and payment.

In the WILJ facilitations we received feedback from the attendees that they had a unique experience and found Jennifer to be an excellent facilitator. Organizing the workshops with her was a breeze. She was very well prepared in the lead up and executed the workshops efficiently (strict on time!) and made them fun as well.

Driven from her own inspiration she created the Make March Matter (MMM) community as the State of Emergency descended on Japan as a result of Covid-19. This online community is for supporting and encouraging the entrepreneur community. Jennifer could have let the MMM group disband at the end of March but continued the community through April, May, June, July and now August as I write this.

MMM is a clear example of the absolute commitment Jennifer has in her approach to any project. Her core inner as a coach is brought to the forefront in this group through her leadership, empathy, cultural intelligence and ability to collaborate and communicate clearly with a range of personalities. I thoroughly recommend Jennifer for coaching, facilitation and for her other passion of Points of You.

What were her strengths as a facilitator/moderator/coach?

Empathy | Patience | cultural intelligence | inclusivity | receptive to new ways of doing things | open to other’s ideas | curious to receive feedback to do better next time | committed

Jennifer is trustworthy, keeps a confidence and integrity is a value I observe in her by her actions

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