Hendrik Kwee, Manager, Talent Management & Development, Philip Morris Japan K.K.

We work with Jennifer to ensure that our employees are engaged and also that we look after their social wellbeing amid covid19 pandemic where most our employees are working from home. Jennifer was able to provide solutions for us to achieve just this. Using some tips from Points of You®, Jennifer was able to customizeContinue reading “Hendrik Kwee, Manager, Talent Management & Development, Philip Morris Japan K.K.”

Katerina Golembiowski

I worked with Jennifer as my executive coach as part of the Integrating your Ikigai coaching journey programme in 2019/2020. For me there is a lot of inspiration in term of creating materials, structure of the online cooperation (which is significantly different from 1:1 live sessions), I loved how structured and organised the communication was.Continue reading “Katerina Golembiowski”

Chika Kimura, DFS Group

“I first got her presentation training for my business idea pitch in Oct.2019. It was group session and she improved every participants’ pitch significantly. She is really good at facilitating group collaboration as well as improving individual skill. Her class is interactive and fun! She teaches in Japanese and English so participants can learn also communicationContinue reading “Chika Kimura, DFS Group”