#IAmRemarkable is a #Google powered global movement that empowers everyone, including underrepresented groups, to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond, while challenging the social perception around self-promotion. Learn more at g.co/IamRemarkable

At the heart of our movement is a 90 minute workshop open to everyone, hosted by global
facilitators. Jennifer Shinkai has been an #IAmRemarkable facilitator since 2022.

For many reasons, lots of us feel uncomfortable sharing our achievements. By amplifying stories and research on the transformative power of self-promotion, we want to inspire every single person to share their accomplishments.

#IAmRemarkable has reached over 500,000 participants and 1300 companies across 180
countries, while impacting people’s lives by helping:
82% feel more confident
89% are more active in self-promotion
49% achieve job/career growth

Upcoming Workshop

In this interactive session, you will participate in group discussions and exercises to develop the confidence and skills to promote yourself effectively. During the 90 min #IamRemarkable workshop we will:

  • Share data and research regarding self promotion and unconscious bias
  • Go through the main exercise to help you articulate your achievements and practice self promotion
  • Have a discussion and share take home exercises

Next free online workshop – Maximum 15 participants:

Wednesday, Sep 20, 2023 12:00 PM -13:30 PM JST on Zoom

What are previous participants saying about the workshop?

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