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Want to learn more about using Points of You® Tools?

Experience the power of Points of You®’s pattern breaking coaching tools in my exciting 1 day ‘Hello Points’ Workshop coming to
Tokyo on December 3rd, 2019.

Take your first step into the Points of You® Academy and join thousands of professionals around the world who are using Points of You®’s innovative and creative tools on a daily basis for 1:1 sessions and group environments

Discover the power of innovative phototherapy based coaching tools ‘The Coaching Game’ and ‘Punctum’ in creating a unique form of communication.
Completing the Hello Points Workshop makes you a Points of You® Explorer and the bestselling tools ‘The Coaching Game’ and ‘Punctum’ are included in the beautiful Points of You® Academy Level 1 pack.

Hello Points is all about exploring a new world, it’s a first taste, a discovery. A chance to experience a unique form of communication through the language of photos – for the
very first time.

More information on the programme here on the Points of You Global website.

What Will I Learn?

Points of You® concept
The world of Points of You® and the way it works.

Points of You® cards
Learn how to use an exclusive technique of photo observation to gain new points of view.

Zooming In with The Coaching Game
Go on a speed date with your thoughts and insights.
Experience fun and easy-going process that goes surprisingly deep.

My Story with Punctum
Re-frame an empowering life story with the brilliance of Punctum.

Layout Charts
Map your thoughts and feelings with a tailor-made,one-on-one, coaching tool for self-exploration.

L1 Hello Points Workshop includes:
6 hours workshop
Points of You Tools: The Coaching Game and Punctum
6 CCEUs from ICF
L.1 Concept Pack
Workshop Booklet
L.1 Exclusive set of cards
Goodie Bag
Canvas bag

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