“Rethinking Strengths: Shifting from capability to energy to grow your career” is a career planning workshop designed to help women tap into their unique strengths so they can add the most value to their organization. It can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs or run as an open course with participants from other companies.

In this experiential 3 hour workshop, participants will create a visual map of their strengths based upon Marcus Buckingham’s concept of “Strengths are what make me strong” using the “unexpected but precise” Points of You® Coaching Game. Too often we, women especially,  focus on what we are not good at, or on the things that we do easily and well. “Good girl” or good student habits can be hard to shake off. So we end up wasting time on tasks that drain our energy and focus on the things that try as we might we will never naturally excel at.

Instead, Jennifer Shinkai, a Tokyo-based Professional Certified Coach, Lean In Japan Creating Change Chapter Leader and certified Points of You ® Trainer, will guide participants in small group work to focus on what activities make them feel strong and alive. At the end of the session, participants will have a new insight into their own strengths as perceived by themselves and others.

When we bring this energy of strength to our lives and our workplace, we can really start to have meaningful impact.

Who should attend

Women with 5 plus years work experience who are looking to develop awareness  and ownership of their skills and potential as part of the global workforce.

Women who want to develop their network of professional women.

The programme can be facilitated in English, Japanese or both.

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