Jennifer Shinkai’s goal facilitator and trainer is to make people sweat! Only when participants feel uncomfortable and under stress can they see the first signs of awareness, growth and change.

As a facilitator I use a coaching approach, drawing on the experience of the participants. Sessions are customised and highly interactive. I aim to push people outside their comfort zones and to flex the muscles of growth.

I deliver custom content for diverse teams. Whether your diversity is coming from gender, culture, M&A or business growth, there is a need for clear communication. Diversity and inclusion drives innovation. Global dexterity allows your future leaders to compete in any market with a wider group of customers and stakeholders.

Career Planning Journey Programme

Support Retention and Engagement in your Employees by Integrating Individual Ikigai with Corporate Goals

The Four Tendencies Workshop

Use Gretchen Rubin’s Model to Help People Managers Support Habit Creation in themselves and their team

Corporate Experiences with Points of You®

Develop Communication, Collaboration and Inclusion with The Coaching Game