Executive Coaching

Let’s call it executive coaching because it works better for SEO but you don’t need to be an executive. Perhaps you don’t even want to be an executive! That’s OK too. I’m here to coach you to design the life and career that make the most sense to you.

I’ve coached first time managers, entrepreneurs, parents, Directors and CEOs. I’m an ICF Associate Certified Coach so you can be assured of my confidentiality and commitment to keeping my skills up to date.

How does it work?

We’ll have a 30-minute online discover session where we can both get a feel for how we can work together. I’ll ask you about what you want to get out of coaching and you can ask me all your questions about process, style and what to expect.

If we feel we can work together, then we’ll finalise the coaching agreement and get started.

We’ll meet for a minimum of 8 sessions focusing on 2-3 key areas. 

Each session begins with a check in and with you deciding what you need today. If I feel like you are avoiding one of the things that you committed to, I’ll challenge you on that. Is it still the right goal? How do you need to adjust it? What needs to be in place to move forward?

If your company is paying, we’ll have stakeholder meetings at the beginning, middle and end. We keep your manager involved to support you, but the content of the sessions is confidential.

If you are investing in yourself without company sponsorship, then we still do the same work but no reporting.

Focused Coaching

I’ve coached clients in the following areas

  • Career change coaching
  • Career development coaching
  • Female leadership coaching
  • Maternity coaching
  • Pre-executive coaching
  • Expat pre-departure coaching
  • Expat post-arrival coaching

Regular online coaching sessions

In the 60 minute coaching sessions we will use exercises, visualisations and a variety of tools to move you forwards towards your goals. You will set your own outcomes and discuss your progress in each session. Each approach is unique based on your specific values and goals.

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