Integrating Individual Ikigai with Corporate Purpose

Ikigai can be described as an intersection between 4 different elements: what you’re passionate about, where your skills lie, how you can earn a living and what the world needs.

Hector Garcia, Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

Integrating Individual Ikigai: A Journey Program for Employee Engagement

A 6 month Journey Program To Support Engagement, Retention And Happiness At Work

Through working with professionals in workshops on the theme of Ikigai, Jennifer Shinkai has discovered several myths on the topic. People often feel a huge disconnect between their Ikigai and their current daily life. They feel that they need to join an NPO, become an entrepreneur or at least change their company. However, through job crafting (task, relationship and cognitive crafting) you can reduce the space between the ideal and the reality.

Research shows that purpose at work can have a great impact on engagement, retention and productivity. In Japan, 23% of employees are actively disengaged with a huge cost to mental health, productivity and profitability.

Integrating Individual Ikigai With 
Corporate Purpose

A 6 month Journey Program To Support Engagement, Retention And Happiness At Work

“Integrating Individual Ikigai with Corporate Purpose” is a 6 month journey program to help employees discover their ikigai and then most importantly find ways to connect that Ikigai to their work in your organisation. Over 10.5 hours of workshops and group coaching, employees will be given practical tools and approaches to enable them to engage with their work in a more meaningful way and to take a proactive approach to moving both themselves and your organization forward.

Integrating Individual Ikigai: Journey Map

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