Connect your Dispersed Team Using Points of You® Online

With many teams working fully remotely or with a mix of roles in or out of the office, there are fewer opportunities for the social interactions that are the fabric of culture in a high performing team.

In this 90-minute facilitated online session, participants will have a chance to expand their points of view on an issue or opportunity in their life.

The session can be run as a morning kick off, lunch and learn, or end of the week review.

What will you gain from the workshop?

A place to share a human connection
The power of Pause in managing stress
How to observe a photo deeply to gain insight on an issue
A new insight and perspective on yourself and your colleagues

I wanted to thank you for such an interesting session the other day. The exercises were truly enjoyable and insightful! I was wondering how it was going to work online but being in my room made me feel more relaxed and helped the process.  Thank you again for the opportunity and I hope to participate again!

Arisa, online Points of You® Workshop Participant

Who should join?

Team members who want to feel connected during social distancing measures

Managers who want to find new ways to connect global project teams when its Business as Usual

What is Points of You?

Points of You® creates innovative tools and training for professional and personal development. Our tools use the powerful language of today’s world, the language of photos, to inspire and provoke the mind. Professionals around the world use our tools to create meaningful communication in various settings, gain insights and have a real impact on people’s lives.

Points of You® was founded in 2006 by two creative entrepreneurs – Efrat Shani and Yaron Golan. Since then, the Points of You® Tools have been translated to over 25 languages and more than 100,000 people across the globe have opened their heart and mind on our workshops.

The Points of You Experience is a free online game that allows people to “play” with the cards without having the physical tools in hand

I enjoyed this new style of online session a lot. It was great to have others point of view. It was very fresh to listen to A-san who is much younger than I am and I don’t know her well yet. I could realise what the most important elements of my career and life.

Chika, online Points of You® Workshop Participant


What do you need to prepare:

You will need to play the online game before hand here It takes about 20 minutes and participants have said “even the online game is an interesting and insightful experience”
Take a screenshot of your images and be ready to share in the session
Please be in a place where you can join with both video and audio as this will be an interactive group coaching session.

Technology requirements:

Ideally all participants will be joining via their individual devices in separate location. This makes all participants equal in terms of access.

  • Ability to screen share by at least one person on the call (facilitator or client-based host)
  • Ability to share computer sound for music in Pause
  • Headset and camera for each participant
  • Zoom is preferred as it gives the ability for breakout room for groups larger than 4.
  • Skype and Google hangouts are also an option for smaller groups.


¥50,000 plus 10% tax for max 8 participants. (If breakout room function is not available, max 4 participants)

Larger group pricing available on request.

To find out more about the workshop and book a time contact

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