Corporate Workshops

I have a whole box of tricks to work with to get your team talking.

You tell me what your main issues are, what you would like to cover and I work out the best way to reach those objectives.

I can draw on a host of resources to find just the right way to plan the session as an ICF Associate Certified Coach, a Points of You® Master Trainer (Japan), and Certified in Saville Wave Psychometric Assessment.

Jennifer created and facilitated a bilingual workshop with our management team in Nov. 2019. Jennifer helped our group to re-think our narrative, create an individual and collective vision / mission in a difficult marketspace and filled our workshop with positive energy and new ideas. I can truly recommend Jennifer ! Start with a brainstorm, she has plenty of ideas and tools to choose from that will surely suit you !

Joo-Seuk Maing
Marketing Director BOSCH Aftermarket Japan

We might start the day with a moment of mindfulness, get into a really challenging team building exercise with Points of You followed by a juicy debrief where you are able to talk about some of those nagging issues that you need to move forward from. In the afternoon, we’ll focus on goal setting for the team, interactive discussions with accountability and plenty of energy. Then we might wrap up with Kudos Cards – gratitude for the people in the room.

Jennifer Shinkai is one of LVMH Japan’s trusted business partners. Her coaching sessions are regarded highly by our Japanese and non-Japanese participants. She pushes us outside of our comfort zone but provides a safe environment to learn from mistakes or take risks.

Naomi Takase
Talent Acquisition Director at LVMH Japan 

What I really love working on is Ikigai as a career planning tool, building a sense of belonging and inclusion in the team, creative goal setting, improving self-awareness and communication between you and your teammates.

From my very first interactions with Jennifer, I knew she would be able to connect easily with the group, because she understands something critical for good facilitation: that not every workshop participant is 100% convinced of the process, and that everyone in the room is starting from different initial conditions. She has a keen perceptiveness about people, and about diversity of mindsets, that enhances her efficacy as a workshop leader.

Jody Ono
Adjunct Associate Professor, Hitotsubashi ICS

And having run group coaching online for the past 4 years, I am really at home with the move to online training. So much can be achieved if you facilitate it carefully

I deliver custom content for diverse teams. Whether your diversity is coming from gender, culture, M&A or business growth, there is a need for clear communication. Diversity and inclusion drives innovation. Global dexterity allows your future leaders to compete in any market with a wider group of customers and stakeholders.

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