Champagne Problems: A Reframing Opportunity

I’m writing this as my incredibly health son starts three days of 学級閉鎖 (class shutdown) for the flu rampaging his class. It’s common practice in Japan that if a third of the students are sick to shut down the class to prevent the further spread of infectious diseases. Needless to say: Working parents hate it! WeContinue reading “Champagne Problems: A Reframing Opportunity”

Lonely old men and ikigai

In November I attended the Mashing Up Conference again. I really love this event because it’s “cool”. It has a casual vibe and is just a bit edgier than your average D&I “empowerment” conference. The team do try to bring some different ideas to the stage as well as some local legends. I was happyContinue reading “Lonely old men and ikigai”

What happens in an Ikigai x Points of You® Workshop?

I get a lot of questions about the Ikigai x Points of You® workshop so I thought I would share this video from my presentation in Costa Rica in 2019 at the Gross Global Happiness Forum at UPEACE. With a new decade coming up, isn’t it time for you to focus on how you andContinue reading “What happens in an Ikigai x Points of You® Workshop?”

Why Pause?

“Pause” is the first step of the Points of You® Method Why pause? I know that you are busy, always on and the fact that you are reading this means you are online. But being “always on” and the cult of “busy-ness” take a toll on your body and your mind. Take a moment nowContinue reading “Why Pause?”

3rd Annual Shinkai Coco Farm Tour!

Are you ready to celebrate the harvest, drink wine on a vineyard in Ashikaga and support an amazing facility for intellectually handicapped people at Coco Farm?  For the third time I am arranging a private bus from Oshiage at 8am on Sunday, November 18th. Family and friends are welcome but places are strictly limited. YouContinue reading “3rd Annual Shinkai Coco Farm Tour!”

Interviews and Appraisals with Points of You (R)

Looking for a new way to engage with your team members around your core values or key competencies in annual reviews? Want to get beyond canned responses in behavioral interviews? Using Points of You (R) The Coaching Game, you will be able to connect with your counterpart at a deeper level. You can drill downContinue reading “Interviews and Appraisals with Points of You (R)”

International Women’s Day 2018

Image from 2017 International Women’s Day event in Tokyo I will #PressforProgress by celebrating women’s achievements specifically by celebrating women role models and their journeys in Japan. Scroll down to make your own commitment to #PressforProgress Originally Published on the International Women’s Day homepage “With the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report findingsContinue reading “International Women’s Day 2018”

Face your Fears – Lean In Tokyo Girls on Fire October 2017 Event Report

Participants from Australia, Columbia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK representing  areas as diverse as government, tax consulting, luxury, FMCG and recruiting joined the October 2017 Lean In Tokyo Girls on Fire Circle held at Dale Carnegie High Performance Centre in Tokyo. Meeting Goals Engaging, the focus of this meeting, emphasizes how you canContinue reading “Face your Fears – Lean In Tokyo Girls on Fire October 2017 Event Report”

November Group Coaching Sessions

Want to find a way to gain a new perspective and move forwards? Feeling stuck on a specific issue in your professional or personal life? “By changing the way we see something, reframing our perspective, everything can look vastly different.” International Coach Academy: Reframing Perspectives In a 90-minute group coaching environment, you will use the Points ofContinue reading “November Group Coaching Sessions”

Retaining Working Mothers in Japan – Part 4: Practical Logistics

In this fourth and final part of the series, Retaining Working Mothers in Japan series (Introduction, Communication during Childcare Leave, Smooth On-ramping for Working Mothers, Normalising Flexibility) we look at some of the practical considerations when mothers of young children are on your team. Facilities for nursing mothers Is your returning mother still nursing? WhatContinue reading “Retaining Working Mothers in Japan – Part 4: Practical Logistics”