ICF ACC Online Badge

Delighted to see that the International Coach Federation has started to share certification online. I'm currently accepting private and executive online coaching clients. We can talk about how to find and then integrate your ikigai (life purpose) and craft a life that brings you joy. We can focus on relationships and improving communications - how … Continue reading ICF ACC Online Badge

Rethinking professionalism during WFH

It's been a month since the schools closed down in Tokyo. It seems likely that this will be extended into early May. As an entrepreneur working from home is not new to me. If I'm not delivering corporate training, meeting clients or attending events, I work from home. Working from home with my kids in … Continue reading Rethinking professionalism during WFH

Shiawase2020シンポジウム –  Online, Japanese, Co-facilitation!

Early in 2020 I decided to support the Points of You® Japan Tribe by volunteering to be a facilitator at the annual Shiawase2020シンポジウム. I was excited to co-facilitate and introduce Points of You® to a new audience of people and to talk about happiness. And to do all this with a monolingual Japanese team would … Continue reading Shiawase2020シンポジウム –  Online, Japanese, Co-facilitation!

Champagne Problems: A Reframing Opportunity

I'm writing this as my incredibly health son starts three days of 学級閉鎖 (class shutdown) for the flu rampaging his class. It's common practice in Japan that if a third of the students are sick to shut down the class to prevent the further spread of infectious diseases. Needless to say: Working parents hate it! We … Continue reading Champagne Problems: A Reframing Opportunity

Lonely old men and ikigai

In November I attended the Mashing Up Conference again. I really love this event because it's "cool". It has a casual vibe and is just a bit edgier than your average D&I "empowerment" conference. The team do try to bring some different ideas to the stage as well as some local legends. I was happy … Continue reading Lonely old men and ikigai

What happens in an Ikigai x Points of You® Workshop?

I get a lot of questions about the Ikigai x Points of You® workshop so I thought I would share this video from my presentation in Costa Rica in 2019 at the Gross Global Happiness Forum at UPEACE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_M1CaVpbd8&feature=youtu.be With a new decade coming up, isn't it time for you to focus on how you … Continue reading What happens in an Ikigai x Points of You® Workshop?

Why Pause?

"Pause" is the first step of the Points of You® Method Why pause? I know that you are busy, always on and the fact that you are reading this means you are online. But being "always on" and the cult of "busy-ness" take a toll on your body and your mind. Take a moment now … Continue reading Why Pause?

3rd Annual Shinkai Coco Farm Tour!

Are you ready to celebrate the harvest, drink wine on a vineyard in Ashikaga and support an amazing facility for intellectually handicapped people at Coco Farm?  For the third time I am arranging a private bus from Oshiage at 8am on Sunday, November 18th. Family and friends are welcome but places are strictly limited. You … Continue reading 3rd Annual Shinkai Coco Farm Tour!

Interviews and Appraisals with Points of You (R)

Looking for a new way to engage with your team members around your core values or key competencies in annual reviews? Want to get beyond canned responses in behavioral interviews? Using Points of You (R) The Coaching Game, you will be able to connect with your counterpart at a deeper level. You can drill down … Continue reading Interviews and Appraisals with Points of You (R)