Finding Your Ikigai in Frocking Up!

The COVID-19 lockdowns across the world were a very stressful time for a lot of us, but there were also a lot of stories of positive community building and support that came out of that time. One of those stories was that of Frock Up Friday, a facebook group started by friends Bev and SuzieContinue reading “Finding Your Ikigai in Frocking Up!”

#IAmRemarkable Upcoming Workshop

#IAmRemarkable Free Online Workshop – June 7, 2023 I am excited to invite you to attend my 4th #IAmRemarkable workshop on Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 at 11:30am to 13:00pm JST via Zoom. Everyone is welcome! #IAmRemarkable is a global movement that empowers everyone, including underrepresented groups, to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond,Continue reading “#IAmRemarkable Upcoming Workshop”

Celebrating Collaboration and Creativity

Very late to thank everyone who supported the launch of Gus at our event in July 2022. David Sweet read an extract and ended on a great cliffhanger, Catherine O’Connell did an amazing job as the moderator and led a lively discussion and Q&A and according to Jonathan Cant‘s photos I mostly pulled strange faces.Continue reading “Celebrating Collaboration and Creativity”

Year 6 in review – Evolving the business

Year 6 wraps up today so I’m taking my most important stakeholder out for lunch – Mr. Shinkai! He’s always supportive of my crazy plans and trusts me to build the business that will support our family as equal partners. He doesn’t get involved so much but is always there for me and since COVIDContinue reading “Year 6 in review – Evolving the business”

Adventure, Ikigai and Coming Home with Cory McGowan

Welcome to another episode of Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai! This week I had the pleasure of talking with Cory McGowan, half adventurer, half transformational coach, half bear dancer. Cory currently lives in scenic Minakami, and is actively involved in the rural revitalisation movement in the area. Listen to this episode to hear a fantastic conversationContinue reading “Adventure, Ikigai and Coming Home with Cory McGowan”

Quill Podcast Awards 2022 Finalist: Best Society and Culture Podcast – Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai

Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai has been selected as a finalist in the Quill Podcast Awards 2022 in the Best Society and Culture Podcast category. A full list of the nominees across all categories can be found on Quill’s website. The Quill Podcast Awards is a yearly digital awards event that celebrates podcasters and industry professionalsContinue reading “Quill Podcast Awards 2022 Finalist: Best Society and Culture Podcast – Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai”

Hello Points: Simple but Deep

“The process was simple but very deep. I enjoyed sharing with people and listening to their stories. The atmosphere of the workshop was very lively and comforting, thanks to the beautiful facilitation!” L1 Hello Points Participant In February 2022, I was delighted to co-facilitate a Hello Points Level 1 Points of You® Academy Workshop withContinue reading “Hello Points: Simple but Deep”

Ikigai and Community: Make March Matter

On February 27th, 2020 Make March Matter (MMM), the best, most supportive online network of people came into being for small business owners struggling to make sense of what was happening as the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Now two years on, that group set up by Jennifer Shinkai just to get through March, has blossomed intoContinue reading “Ikigai and Community: Make March Matter”

L2 Creative Practice Workshop December 2021

Jennifer Shinkai, Points of You® Master (Japan) and Topa Hashimoto, Points of You® Expert will co-facilitate L2 Academy Creative Practice Online in English from Tokyo in December 2021. This rhythmic workshop, decorated with our personal touch, is packed with both experiential and practical knowledge that will be easily integrated into daily professional use.Get ready forContinue reading “L2 Creative Practice Workshop December 2021”