Finding your Ikigai in Public Service

Noemi Inoue is the first foreign-born woman to be elected as a local councillor in Japan. Originally from Bolivia, Noemi talks about how her ikigai around public service led to her starting an NPO, changing her nationality and then becoming a three-time elected politician in Sumida ward in Tokyo. We had some issues with soundContinue reading “Finding your Ikigai in Public Service”

How do I turn “Somebody should…” to “I am…” when it comes to my Ikigai

It was a delight to talk to Robin Lewis about how he moved from inspiration to action to integrate his ikigai and purpose around sustainable living. He talks candidly about the challenges of being so engrossed in your ikigai that you fail to look after yourself, finding an ikigai partner, about being an intrapreneur orContinue reading “How do I turn “Somebody should…” to “I am…” when it comes to my Ikigai”

Can I find my Ikigai in my corporate career?

If you have read my post on Ikigai Myths you know my answer to this. Don’t believe me? Listen to “Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai: Episode 1 Zane Zumbahlen“ You can listen here and please subscribe, share and write a 5 star review! Prefer YouTube – check out the unedited video here and subscribe to theContinue reading “Can I find my Ikigai in my corporate career?”