Saying thanks and amplifying what’s good

Summer is over and thoughts are turning to annual budgeting, year-end parties and performance appraisals. Whilst these assessments/ appraisals/ reviews/ or whatever you call them are usually designed to motivate, many people find them a complete waste of time. However, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater! The feedback element of reviews isContinue reading “Saying thanks and amplifying what’s good”

Linked In for Entrepreneur – Lean In Japan Entrepreneurs Circle – July 2018 Event Report

Ah SNS! Which platform? How to optimize? What’s the best SNS for my business? Content marketing is essential as an entrepreneur and at the July 2018 LeanIn Japan Entrepreneurs Meeting we had a deep dive session hosted at LinkedIn Japan’s Tokyo HQ. Kaoru Jo and Sayuri Nishimoto from LinkedIn Japan showed us how much LinkedContinue reading “Linked In for Entrepreneur – Lean In Japan Entrepreneurs Circle – July 2018 Event Report”

Celebrate and Innovate

On June 29th, 2018, I’m celebrating the start of my third year in business as a Facilitator and Leadership Coach. I am extremely grateful to my family, community and clients for enabling me to bring so much energy to my work, to help so many individuals improve their own performance as leaders and professionals in Japan.Continue reading “Celebrate and Innovate”

How to Balance Careers and Caregiving in Japan – Event Report

Another conference I’ve attended several times in the last 19 years is the biannual FEW Japan Careers Strategies Seminar. 2 years ago I presented about Online Personal Branding drawing on my experience in marketing and recruitment. This year for the 20th CSS I moderated a panel on “How to Balance Careers and Caregiving in Japan”.Continue reading “How to Balance Careers and Caregiving in Japan – Event Report”

3 tips to help working mums after childcare leave

The first signs of cherry blossoms are here which also heralds the start of a new fiscal and school year in Japan. Working mothers around the country are getting ready to enroll their children in daycare and return to work. Here are 3 simple tips that managers can implement today to make the transition smoothContinue reading “3 tips to help working mums after childcare leave”

#IWD2018 #heforshe Tokyo – event report

  You have to love an event that begins with a video of PicoTaro singing about Gender Equal Peaceful World. With a focus on mindset change, March 8th’s #heforshe event for International Women’s Day hosted by PWC, Unilever and Bunkyo Ward brought many different ideas together. Below are a few of the highlights  – myContinue reading “#IWD2018 #heforshe Tokyo – event report”

Practice Patience Judo – Lean In Tokyo Girls on Fire February 2018 – Event Report

“Patience Judo”? What on earth is that? In her book, Drop the Ball, Tiffany Dufu talks about its importance when you start to delegate tasks to others. “We quickly grow impatient when things on our to-do list aren’t done the way we think they should be done.” She shared the research that when men wereContinue reading “Practice Patience Judo – Lean In Tokyo Girls on Fire February 2018 – Event Report”

Creating Inclusive Meetings with AI

Are you searching for ways to harness the innovative ideas of your diverse workforce? Are you looking for an interactive workshop to mark International Women’s Day and increase collaboration across functions? Would you like your team to experience a positive approach to solutions that allows different voices to be heard? While many organizations in JapanContinue reading “Creating Inclusive Meetings with AI”


国際女性デー(3/8)にちなんで、3月に女性の多様な意見を組織活性に活かす方法を体験しませんか!ダイバーシティ戦略を進めているが、まだまだ女性の意見を活かしきれていない。義務感でやっている、他人事のようにぎこちない。といった声は多く聞かれます。 そこで、私達WinBEがご提案するのは、一人ひとりに隠れている価値や意見を引き出し、違った意見をどうやって融合していくかをとことん追求していきます。まず個人の価値を見つけ、それらを組織の価値として見つけ出していく過程に、チームの対話が生まれ、アイディアがどんどん湧いてきます。何より自分ごととして実感するので、それを自分の職場に持ち帰り、真のダイバーシティの実践として結びついていきます。 今回は3時間のワークショップで、その醍醐味を味わえます。 実地規模  : 1つの企業・団体から10人以上100人まで 対象者   : 性別・役職関係なく参加できます 時 期   : 国際女性デー(3/8)のある3月 期待できる効果: 自分の価値に気づく チームの価値に気づく  異なる意見を受け止め、新しいアイディアを思いつく 自律的な行動に結びつく ※参加される企業の目的に合わせて効果は変わります。 主催者   : WinBE WinBEは、3人のファシリテーター、鈴木世津、ジェニファー新開、篠田寛子で構成されたチームです。大変能力の高い女性リーダーがビジネスの現場で成果を出し、革新を産み出すことに貢献できるよう第三者ならではの客観的な立場でサポートします。コーチングやグローバル・リーダーシップという手法を用いながら、ダイバーシティ&インクルージョンを実現する職場を実現するためにクライアントとともにその解決策を共に創りあげます。 ●申し込み締め切り:2018/2/28 ●ご連絡先 英語でのコンタクトは、 まで。 日本語でのコンタクトは、 まで。

Don’t accept the default – Lean In Tokyo GOF November 2017 Event Report

10 Lean In Tokyo Girls on Fire Circle members from Australia, Columbia, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, the US and the UK met in November 2017 to get in touch with their creative sides with Adam Grant’s TED Talk, “The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers” as the launching point of our discussion. With Lean InContinue reading “Don’t accept the default – Lean In Tokyo GOF November 2017 Event Report”