Improving lives and Ikigai with Henry Seals

We all want to instinctively move away from pain, it’s in our DNA. My guest today is Henry Seals, a man who spends his time helping people to do this and to live better lives. Henry gives us an open and honest account of how he navigated divorce in Japan to achieve the best outcomeContinue reading “Improving lives and Ikigai with Henry Seals”

Yup, diversity might be tough…but it is worth it.

This HBR article highlights some great areas of research and raises some interesting points when it comes to our perceptions of how diversity impacts performance. It resonates with a  lot of the conversations I have with clients about both gender and cultural diversity in their organisations. “Working on diverse teams produces better outcomes precisely becauseContinue reading “Yup, diversity might be tough…but it is worth it.”

Presentation Zen in practice

  In mid June, my husband received a phone call from the 6th grade teacher at our daughter’s school. “Shinkai san, do you think your wife would be able to make a presentation about england to the 5th and 6th graders on the day before the summer holidays? With the Rio Olympics coming up, theContinue reading “Presentation Zen in practice”