Worry less, do more: your circle of influence

I’m stuck in a limbo like many parents in Japan this month. What will my childcare situation look like in April? Will my daughter get accepted into the same onsite after-school care or is she going to be shifted to a different location? Is she going to have to walk 15 minutes on her ownContinue reading “Worry less, do more: your circle of influence”

What would happen if you stopped trying so hard?

I am a really terrible gardener. Rather than a green thumb, I have a black thumb. Any plant that comes near me can be guaranteed to wither and die within weeks. I killed a cactus this year…that takes some skill Take the morning glory cutting that my daughter brought home from school. It’s a riteContinue reading “What would happen if you stopped trying so hard?”

HeForShe – Building your Gender IQ

PwC and the UN joined forces to tackle unconscious gender bias with the free, 35 minute online course. It’s an interesting experience and good as an opener for dialogue in your organisation about how you can “See, Say, Show, Share and Spread” the concepts of Gender Equality. Here’s an overview of my experiences of the course.Continue reading “HeForShe – Building your Gender IQ”

Metamorphosis – How and Why We Change – Book Review

“Each day we wake slightly altered and the person we were yesterday is dead”

– John Updike, On Being a Self Forever
In Metamorphosis: How and Why We Change, Polly Morland uses nineteen stories of personal change to discuss how the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly happens.