Your personal bonenkai and shinnenkai

It’s that time of year when we are inundated with invitations for 忘年会 bonenkai, “forget the year party” and 新年会 shinnenkai, “new year party”. I’d like to offer you something a little different – your own personal bonenkai and shinnenkai coaching “Party Plan”! These limited 2-sessions will help you o celebrate your achievements, learn from any setbacksContinue reading “Your personal bonenkai and shinnenkai”

What is it that only you can do?

As entrepreneurs in the start up phase of business, many Lean In Japan Entrepreneurs Circle members struggle with the feeling of “having to do it all”.  Weird guilt about how it is somehow cheating to outsource, to delegate or simply being worried about cash flow stop us from using a vendor! In the October LeanContinue reading “What is it that only you can do?”

You can’t be what you can’t see?

  This is Milly. Milly is 11 years old. She is an articulate, intelligent, thoughtful girl and also a natural athlete. This is a girl who shuns the ladder to the top bunk and does a pull-up instead. A few months ago, Spartan Race Japan held a trial event in Odaiba and Milly came alongContinue reading “You can’t be what you can’t see?”

Face your Fears – Lean In Tokyo Girls on Fire October 2017 Event Report

Participants from Australia, Columbia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK representing  areas as diverse as government, tax consulting, luxury, FMCG and recruiting joined the October 2017 Lean In Tokyo Girls on Fire Circle held at Dale Carnegie High Performance Centre in Tokyo. Meeting Goals Engaging, the focus of this meeting, emphasizes how you canContinue reading “Face your Fears – Lean In Tokyo Girls on Fire October 2017 Event Report”

November Group Coaching Sessions

Want to find a way to gain a new perspective and move forwards? Feeling stuck on a specific issue in your professional or personal life? “By changing the way we see something, reframing our perspective, everything can look vastly different.” International Coach Academy: Reframing Perspectives In a 90-minute group coaching environment, you will use the Points ofContinue reading “November Group Coaching Sessions”

9 coaching lessons from cleaning out your closet

Last week I invested in a closet detox with Tokyo based stylist, Corin Kanazawa. I’m now the proud owner of a pared down, easy to style capsule wardrobe as well as a whole new level of awareness on what works for me and what does not. All through the 4 hour session, I was thinking…”Wow,Continue reading “9 coaching lessons from cleaning out your closet”

The Four Tendencies – Book Review

How do you react when you see this type of sign in your office? (Image credit Essendon Creative) You really have to love the use of comic sans, capitals and five exclamation marks. But more importantly, according to Gretchen Rubin’s recently released book The Four Tendencies, your reaction will say a lot about how youContinue reading “The Four Tendencies – Book Review”

Lean In Japan Entrepreneurs 2017/18 Kick Off Meeting – Event wrap up

“Revitalised”, “Energised” and “Inspired” Three of the closing comments at the September 21 Lean In Japan Entrepreneurs 2017/18 Kick Off meeting. (Not sure what Lean In is? Check out this post and my personal story on the power of peer support) 7 members joined the live meeting sponsored by Smart Partners K.K. and 2 members joined via Zoom.Continue reading “Lean In Japan Entrepreneurs 2017/18 Kick Off Meeting – Event wrap up”

Claiming your Strengths at Nagoya University

What activities leave you energised? Have you ever looked up at the clock and gone “Wow! Where did the time go?” What are the things that you most look forward to doing? According to Marcus Buckingham, these are what you can really consider your strengths. Forget about competency, skills  and what you are good at,Continue reading “Claiming your Strengths at Nagoya University”