The Ikigai in Sharing Happy Moments with Tiziana Alamprese

This week on the podcast we talk to the wonderful Tiziana Alamprese. Tiziana is an infectiously positive and energetic person, who loves to share her joy with others. Tiziana has spent decades as a top marketing professional and now is embarking on a new journey with her own company, Tiziana Alamprese Consulenza, bringing love, innovationContinue reading “The Ikigai in Sharing Happy Moments with Tiziana Alamprese”

Quill Podcast Awards 2022 Finalist: Best Society and Culture Podcast – Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai

Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai has been selected as a finalist in the Quill Podcast Awards 2022 in the Best Society and Culture Podcast category. A full list of the nominees across all categories can be found on Quill’s website. The Quill Podcast Awards is a yearly digital awards event that celebrates podcasters and industry professionalsContinue reading “Quill Podcast Awards 2022 Finalist: Best Society and Culture Podcast – Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai”

Audacious Dreams and Ikigai with Lowell Sheppard

This week on the podcast I talk to the inspirational Lowell Sheppard. Lowell is the Founder of HOPE International Development Agency Japan, author of the book Never Too Late and Founder of the Never Too Late Academy, and an avid sailor. He is currently training for his dream solo voyage across the Pacific, by sailingContinue reading “Audacious Dreams and Ikigai with Lowell Sheppard”

Hello Points: Simple but Deep

“The process was simple but very deep. I enjoyed sharing with people and listening to their stories. The atmosphere of the workshop was very lively and comforting, thanks to the beautiful facilitation!” L1 Hello Points Participant In February 2022, I was delighted to co-facilitate a Hello Points Level 1 Points of You® Academy Workshop withContinue reading “Hello Points: Simple but Deep”

Ikigai and Community: Make March Matter

On February 27th, 2020 Make March Matter (MMM), the best, most supportive online network of people came into being for small business owners struggling to make sense of what was happening as the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Now two years on, that group set up by Jennifer Shinkai just to get through March, has blossomed intoContinue reading “Ikigai and Community: Make March Matter”

Ikigai and Jennifer Shinkai

For the 20th and final episode of Season One we decided to flip the script a bit. I’ve had multiple people ask me where my interview is, and when can they hear me talk about my Ikigai. Jayne, my wonderful podcast manager and host of the Transformations with Jayne podcast, was one of those peopleContinue reading “Ikigai and Jennifer Shinkai”

Authenticity and Ikigai in the Workplace with Yuta Hasumi

Yuta Hasumi joins us to discuss his work in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the corporate world and his work with Ikigai Authentic Ltd as an executive coach and advisor for businesses. Yuta discusses his perspective of Ikigai as a Japanese man, and why diversity and inclusion is so important to him. He alsoContinue reading “Authenticity and Ikigai in the Workplace with Yuta Hasumi”

Beyond the Ikigai Venn Diagram with Nick Kemp

This week we are talking to the wonderful Nick Kemp. Nick is the founder of Ikigai Tribe, a membership site and podcast that focuses on the concept of Ikigai from a Japanese perspective. Nick learnt about Ikigai whilst living in Japan and really connected with it. Later he saw Westernised frameworks based on this conceptContinue reading “Beyond the Ikigai Venn Diagram with Nick Kemp”

BBA 2021 Nominee: Responsible Business Award

Delighted to have been nominated for the second year running for a BCCJ British Business Award in the Responsible Business Category. “By the conclusion of the British Business Awards 2021 (#BBA2021) nomination period, we had received 38 eligible nominations across 6 categories. The following 7 companies are now in the running to lift the BBA Responsible Business trophy. (AstraZeneca, Barclays, British Airways,Continue reading “BBA 2021 Nominee: Responsible Business Award”

L2 Creative Practice Workshop December 2021

Jennifer Shinkai, Points of You® Master (Japan) and Topa Hashimoto, Points of You® Expert will co-facilitate L2 Academy Creative Practice Online in English from Tokyo in December 2021. This rhythmic workshop, decorated with our personal touch, is packed with both experiential and practical knowledge that will be easily integrated into daily professional use.Get ready forContinue reading “L2 Creative Practice Workshop December 2021”