Combining Multiple Sources of Ikigai, Or Not, with Genie Gurnani

If you are a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you’ll love this episode! 
Join me as I have a fabulous chat with Genie Gurnani, internationally televised drag queen from Drag Race Thailand Season 2, AND globe-trotting creative leader and marketing executive who has led teams at Disney, Vice Media, and Netflix. We discuss Genie’s dual careers, and how the two complement one another. Genie also shares with us some of the ways being on Drag Race opened doors to wonderful opportunities to try new things and discover new talents, and how important it is to not let fear stop you from taking advantage of exciting things that come your way!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • About Genie’s two lives as a marketing executive and a drag queen, and how they balance the two
  • How being a drag queen helped and hindered Genie’s marketing career
  • Advice for people who are feeling marginalised at work, or in general
  • How taking opportunities that came after being on Drag Race led to Genie developing new skills and talents
  • How Genie found comedy and storytelling to be a common thread running through both the corporate and entertainment worlds

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About Genie:

Genie is a globe-trotting creative leader and marketing executive who has led teams at Disney, Vice Media, and Netflix. They are also an internationally-televised drag queen who is part of the world’s fiercest reality TV franchise, having starred on RuPaul’s Drag Race Thailand. In the past, Genie thought these were two different careers, two different lives, two different selves. But eventually they realized, everything they do is one and the same. They are an entertainer. They create entertainment. And they help brands be more entertaining to connect with their audiences.

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