Celebrating Collaboration and Creativity

Very late to thank everyone who supported the launch of Gus at our event in July 2022.

David Sweet read an extract and ended on a great cliffhanger, Catherine O’Connell did an amazing job as the moderator and led a lively discussion and Q&A and according to Jonathan Cant‘s photos I mostly pulled strange faces.

Allow me to quote Catherine’s write up from LinkedIn here

“This was no “ordinary” book launch. We didn’t go into how to write a book nor give advice how to market and sell your book.

What this book launch did was give attendees a peek behind the curtain at the #process of how two artists collaborated whimsically yet deliberately, how they had targets but also worked in the bubble of freedom, and how they had certainty, yet also very much trusted their respective guts.

David and Jen are two people who knew each other for years. They never envisioned that they would work together in this particular way to craft a book together. Through this creative collaboration process they found joy + a realization that there truly is the “gift of timing” in when collaboration comes to life, which in this case, enabled a hidden-away poem to bloom into published reality. They believe that sharing about their creative process, will enable you to also find your “other” as #SethGodin calls it; another person to collaborate with to create your own joyful collaborative project.

Themes we covered were:
✅ Sharing your work in progress publically
✅ Being comfortable to show up as multifaceted people
✅ Making an offer and exploring interests
✅ Saying yes when asked to collaborate
✅ Having boundaries and also having flexibility  
✅ Book themes of #silentbystander#discrimination#bullying

You can get your own copy of Gus here on amazon or perhaps you would like to read my 1st book “Can Giraffes Swim?”

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