“Don’t think ! Just do!” L1 Hello Points Recap: May 2022

Jennifer Shinkai and Keiko Kakiuchi hosted an online L1 Hello Points Academy Program in May 2022. 6 participants joined from 4 countries (Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand).

Some were brand new “Explorers” and some were retaking L1 and reconnecting with the global tribe for the first time in a long time.

Some were native English speakers and others were breaking patterns and experiencing the work in English and gaining brand new insights.

As facilitators we felt gratitude for the technology that allowed us to have so many points of view from different cultures in one space. We also felt humbled by the Hello Points processes that connect our humanity.

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The facilitation went very smoothly. Instructions were clear. Facilitators are warm & very accommodating. As always, the tools are magical!

L1 Participant NPS Promoter comment

It was the first time for Keiko and I to co-facilitate and I was so happy to dance with her!

She was also getting out of her comfort zone by facilitating L1 in English for the first time! Well done Kei-chan!

Thank you to our participants.

Love Jen & Keiko

We also received a PERFECT NPS score – 100% of participants gave a 9 or 10 answer to the question “On a scale of 0-10, how likely is it you would recommend this workshop to someone else?” In 15 years of using NPS in professional settings , I’ve NEVER seen 100% Promoter score!

That there was a good group of people who were focused on L1 learning and people shared openly and freely as the ground rules were set down clearly. I got clear results from my two issues I dealt with and so I can really grasp that this would be a super tool in guiding and mentoring people in my community

L1 Participant NPS Promoter comment

0525-26 L1 Hello Points Workshop オンライン開催しました🍀




Points of Youが起こしたい三つのことも、それぞれが体験してくれたと実感してます。




・Points of Youを使ったワークショップを英語で開催したい




L1を英語で挑戦しましたが、ジェニファーとは本番前に何度かmtgをしてもらえたおかげで、参加者の皆さんと一緒にとても素敵な時間を過ごすことができました。Thank you so much, Jen❤️


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