Hello Points: Simple but Deep

“The process was simple but very deep. I enjoyed sharing with people and listening to their stories. The atmosphere of the workshop was very lively and comforting, thanks to the beautiful facilitation!”

L1 Hello Points Participant

In February 2022, I was delighted to co-facilitate a Hello Points Level 1 Points of You® Academy Workshop with Yumiko Fujisawa. We welcomed 5 Explorers to the Points of You® Tribe – some were using Points of You® for the very first time, some were retaking the course in English as a refresher. As always, we could feel the power of diverse perspectives with people from different backgrounds and locations sharing their thoughts.

Sharing our most insightful card and takeaway at the end of the first session

I will be more intentional to pay more attention to the present moment and to myself and not be taken away by thoughts and emotions too much. I think this will help me become more motivated and take actions without fear because I can trust myself. I will work to stay close to the people that I care and support them.

L1 Hello Points Participant
Blowing out the candle on the the final day!

Thank you for the opportunity for me to experience the world of Points of You last week. It was a very educational workshop, and I am always impressed what a great group of people turn up at your workshop, Jennifer!

I took a break (according to my 24hr action plan) and looked at the cards this morning for the first time after our session on Friday. As I said, they are quite spot-on considering my circumstances!

L1 Hello Points Participant

Upcoming Academy Programmes

Happy to announce that I will be facilitating another L1 and L2 Academy programme in Spring 2022. It is a rare chance to experience this work in English in an APAC time-zone friendly way to experience the amazing tools and their personal and professional applications. (I’m currently supporting a global programme from 9:30pm to 2am! Not the easiest way to have coaching presence!)

L1 Hello Points

Coaches, Trainers, Facilitators, Counsellors, Managers who want to help people open heart, break patterns and create a sense of belonging with an introduction to Points of You® Tools.

In this 6-hour course you will learn ways to facilitate “unexpected but precise” insights in individual, one on one, and group work using the Points of You® tools. By understanding the philosophy and background of the tools in depth, you will be able to create an unlimited number of experiences for your participants.

Tuesday March 22, 2022 13:00-15:00
Wednesday March 23, 2022 13:00-17:30

L2 Creative Practice

Already completed your L1? Are you ready to take the next step?

This rhythmic workshop, decorated with our personal touch, is packed with both experiential and practical knowledge that will be easily integrated into daily professional use.
Get ready for 4 energetic half days days of diverse techniques for different target audiences, and a creative practice of two Points of You® tools – Faces and Flow.

Schedule: You must join all 4 days to complete the course

Day 1 Monday, April 11th 14:00-18:00 JST
Day 2 Tuesday, April 12th 14:00-18:00 JST
Day 3 Wednesday, April 13th 14:00-18:00 JST
Day 4 Thursday, April 14th 14:00-18:00 JST

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