Beyond the Ikigai Venn Diagram with Nick Kemp

This week we are talking to the wonderful Nick Kemp. Nick is the founder of Ikigai Tribe, a membership site and podcast that focuses on the concept of Ikigai from a Japanese perspective. Nick learnt about Ikigai whilst living in Japan and really connected with it. Later he saw Westernised frameworks based on this concept and felt there were a lot of misconceptions of what Ikigai was. He decided to work at dispelling some of these misunderstandings of Ikigai by moving beyond the famous Venn diagram and exploring what Ikigai as a concept and philosophy really means.

If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, we’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Nick discovered the concept of Ikigai
  • Why Nick founded Ikigai Tribe, a membership site and podcast focusing on Ikigai from a Japanese perspective
  • How hosting his own Ikigai Podcast expands his understanding of the concept of Ikigai
  • Nick’s advice for those struggling to find a source of Ikigai
  • Examples of the ‘dark side’ of Ikigai

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About  Nick:

Nick is the founder of Ikigai Tribe, a membership site and podcast that focuses on the Ikigai concept from the Japanese perspective. As a Japanolgist Nick studies philosophical and physiological aspects of Japanese culture with an emphasis on Ikigai. Nick lived in Japan for over 10 years, living in various suburbs of the Big Mikan that is Tokyo and in Toki-shi a small village in Gifu prefecture where his wife is from. He currently lives in Melbourne Australia with his wife and son. He hopes to spend his life living both in Japan and Australia after the pandemic.

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The Ikigai podcast: The Ikigai Podcast – Exploring What Ikigai Means To Japanese (

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