Ikigai and Yarigai in an NPO: Supporting marginalised youth with Kozue Oka

Children living in care homes due to neglect or abuse are largely invisible to us here in Japan. Kozue Oka, the director of Mirai no Mori shares with us the reality of working in an NPO that is necessary because of a problem. Kozue’s stories of how Mirai no Mori supports these children is so inspirational, as are the plans they have to create their own dedicated campsite to become a trusted place in the world for children who are growing up in care homes. 

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The difference between the well known term“Ikigai” and “Yarigai”
  • How Kozue came to working for the NPO Mirai no Mori that supports the growth neglected and abused children through outdoor experiences
  • The situation with children in care homes in Japan and the challenges they face when they “graduate”.
  • Challenges of providing outdoor programs to children in care homes during the pandemic
  • The dark side of ikigai and how Kozue keeps herself well
  • Mirai no Mori’s plans to build their own campsite to support marginalised children even more
  • Kozue’s advice for those thinking about joining an NPO
  • How you can help Mirai no Mori achieve their big goal of creating a dedicated campsite

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About  Kozue

Kozue Oka is the Executive Director at Mirai no Mori. Born and raised in Japan, she has always believed in the power of nature. After studying Environment/Outdoor Education in Sweden for a year, she joined Mirai no Mori to share her experiences and to create an environment in which marginalized youth can be steered toward a positive cycle of self-actualization and creativity by discovering new possibilities and develop into confident individuals.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mirainomori/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mirai_no_Mori

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