Let’s Escape! 5th Anniversary Celebration

On July 16th, a group of intergalactic explorers joined me for a virtual escape room in space. Hosted by The Super Fantastic Company (great name!), we had an intense and fun 60 minute experience with code cracking, quizzes and laughter. “Who is the scribe?” “What is going on?!” Sometimes I felt a bit lost but I just surrendered and enjoyed seeing everyone getting competitive and laughing out loud after so long!

The interface is fun and there are some cute voting segments (I won “has definitely been abducted by aliens! So proud) and there are chances for space themed selfies. Makes a great break from Zoom or Teams that is for sure.

As a facilitator, I always want a debrief so we added an extra 30 minutes to discuss and a chance for me to say thanks for all the support as I head into year 6.

It was a fun evening and my special guest was none other than my Mum! It really meant a lot to have her in the room.

Mention “Jennifer Shinkai” to Tommy and Gabriel at The Super Fantastic Company for a 5% discount (and a referral fee for me too!). They also run quizzes and other themed events that you can customise for your business. Japanese/ English bilingual content is also available.

Debrief time! We won!!!
What a surprise!

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