Finding your Ikigai in your community with Nina Cataldo

When Nina Cataldo moved back to Japan after finishing college she was surprised to find that even though she considered it her “motherland”, having grown up in Tokyo, she was seen as an outsider.  This set her on the path to creating a community for women who identify as Hafu (mixed-race Japanese person) called “Hafu Women”. A proud Hafu herself,  Nina advocates and educates for recognition and the fair treatment of marginalized communities in Japan. Nina is someone making waves and following her passions, so I just knew I had to interview her to find out more about her ikigai.

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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll hear:
  • How Nina’s experience of being shy at a young age has helped her in her life and career as an adult
  • What Nina did when she noticed a lack of support for Hafu Women like herself
  • Nina shares her Brave and Bold Mastermind for Asian Women and how it helps entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses
  • The importance of Asian women being even more visible in spite of racial tension and discrimination
  • Nina’s challenges with her own energy when her work is also her passion

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About Nina

Nina Cataldo is a DEI Facilitator and Multicultural Communications Specialist based in Tokyo, Japan. Originally from Tokyo, Nina grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States before returning to Japan at the age of 23. She is the founder of Hafu Ladies and co-founder of the Brave & Bold Mastermind program for Asian women entrepreneurs. 

In 2019, Nina quit her full-time job in order to sail around the world on Peace Boat for 4 months as an English-Japanese interpreter. Upon returning to Tokyo, she began her career in the fields she’s most passionate about: communication and fostering human connections through the DEI lense.  

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