How your Ikigai evolves from the core

Loved talking to the passionate and professional Sarah Liu of The Dream Collective about finding the core of your ikigai and evolving how it shows up in the world. 

She also talks about how borderline burnout was the impetus of her side hustle becoming her priority and the importance of saying yes and experimenting.

Let me know your takeaways in the comments and how listening to this podcast has influenced you!

About Sarah

Sarah Liu, Founder and Managing Director of The Dream Collective, is an international thought leader, speaker, trainer and facilitator on next-generation leadership, diversity and inclusion and the future of work.

Having represented Australia in the G20 YEA since 2017, Sarah also served as an APAC advisor to the Japanese Prime Minister’s Cabinet and sits on the judging panel for Forbes Awards. Sarah is invited to train leaders around the world across private and public sectors on leadership transformation and is an appointed regional partner for Google, lead trainer for National Women in Construction, Engineering, Media and Technology across AUNZ. She is also a member of the UTS Industry Advisory Board.

Whilst she manages a diverse portfolio of career and businesses, there is only one common thread across them all and that is to see more women in leadership and to transform the way we work.





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Show Notes

1:44 The ability to Influence as Sarah’s Ikigai 2:50 Leaving a mark and having an impact on others 4:10 How Sarah discovered her focus of influence – women’s leadership 5:18 How wanting to solve a problem for herself became a way to solve a problem for more people and The Dream Collective was born as a side hustle 7:20 Combining passion and profit by bringing value both in the content and commercial sense 8:31 I’ll give it a year – committing to the side hustle 8:56 “Borderline burnout” – inability to do onese best 9:55 Chūtohanpana 中途半端  the issue of doing many things incompletely 11:08 How finding your Ikigai is like losing your car keys 11:57 Bringing seasonality and life stages into your ikigai 14:04 Evolution of Sarah’s ikigai in terms of how it manifests itself and shows up in the world 15:53 Differentiate between a core belief and the method 18:50 She Pivots – one of the ways that the ikigai core stays the same but the delivery method changes 20:09 Outsider advantage in She Pivots 20:59 Keeping your ikigai relevant to the reality of the world 22:52 What happens when your ikigai is too focused in a single role or aspect of your life 25:07 Ikigai is not a singular destination 25:55 Ikigai in Marriage 28:15 Starting small with integrating ikigai before you are “ready” 28:46 Bringing Ikigai into team goal setting 31:04 Balance and priorities 31:41 What do you care about the most? And do you spend most of your time doing what you care about? 32:25 How to keep your motivation when things are not progressing externally 33:12 Passion and Professionalism 33:59 Professionalism is waking up, not wanting to do it, but do it anyway 37:47 Show me your wallet and your calendar and I’ll tell you what your priorities are! 39:46 What will you need to deprioritize to follow your ikigai 42:00 Say yes to thinks as a way to find your ikigai

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