Just keep hitting “live”- “Can Giraffes Swim?” Prize Draw

Hold it lightly and just get it done!

This is my takeaway from trying to get clever with a scheduled facebook live giveaway for my children’s book, “Can Giraffes Swim?”

First I share the story of how the book came about…

How “Can Giraffes Swim?” was born

Then I try to share my screen with a Wheel of Names but no! It isn’t possible once you are live!

Great way to bring in a little bit of suspense!

So I start again and run the draw… only to be foiled again as I did not now that you also can’t stop the screen share once you are live! (or at least I could not find that button!)

The draw itself!

Then I try to go live again but do it on my private instead of business page – a real comedy but I hope I failed gracefully! By this point I am feeling like Georgie the giraffe of the story as they flounder in the water (#spoileralert)

Final Thanks and a call to action!

So hold it lightly, put your work out there and reflect on the learnings.

My learning: Zoom meeting live streamed to facebook for next time!

If you would like to get your own copy of Can Giraffes Swim? head over to Amazon today

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