Finding your Ikigai in a Positive Mindset: Podcast with Dr. Ashley Dash

Loved this conversation soooooo much! What an inspiring woman! We talk about recovering a positive mindset, practical tips around unemployment and the thrillingly disconcerting moment when everyone gets behind your idea! Enjoy and share your comments…AND don’t forget to like, subscribe and review (5 stars only please 😉 )

I loved talking about recovering a positive mindset, practical tips around unemployment and the thrillingly disconcerting moment when everyone gets behind your idea. I just loved chatting with Dr. Ashley Dash and after we stopped recording we went on for another 30 mins! Wish I had a director’s cut!

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Dr. Ashley Dash inspires action through her lived experiences in person and online. She often shares her greatest life challenges, including how she went from being an unemployed college graduate to landing a $100k+ job in Human Resources with Mercedes-Benz. Or revealing how years later, she restarted her life after facing foreclosure and unemployment, shifting back to six-figures with an international move to Japan.

Dr. Dash is known for her ability to help individuals identify the patterns that keep them stuck and move them into action. She is determined to create safe spaces for black business professionals in Corporate America through speaking, coaching, and courses using her high energy and direct approach. Her mission is to help people overcome personal circumstances, regain control of their lives, and find purpose through career freedom.

A self-proclaimed information junkie, she believes in Faith over Facts and Facts over Feelings. Dr. Ashley Dash has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, an MBA, and a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership. She is also a Certified Job and Career Development Coach and Job and Career Transition Coach. However, celebrating and loving Black men remains her best and all-time favorite superpower.

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Show Notes

01:35 First culture shock – what do you mean by countryside?

02:48 Ikigai as a positive mindset Revisit your genius level as a child

03:47 Getting back to being ready to take on the day with positivity

5:11 When did the joy stop showing up?

6:58 Ashley’s journey back into positivity – talking about issues that need to be dealt with 8:35 Gratitude in a box

9:13 Music as a mood shifter and a big plug for Goal Cast! Don’t force positivity but find ways to lift yourself up

11:29 Curation of information

13:20 Innovation around Black Man Day

14:23 Who is supporting multi-layered Black men in a positive way?

16:16 Curating what a whole Black man looks like- building empowered and positive hub of resources

17:50 The power of sharing your idea – making it real

19:53 but how it can be a bit disconcerting when you are used to people pushing back!

20:48 How your ikigai can resonate with others

21:18 Magical moments – against all odds – short time, pandemic, time zones

22:43 August 8th 2021! 23:31 Don’t make finance a barrier to service

24:43 Make it Matter Book – Make your Legacy

25:31 The power of choice and intention. Integrating all the information that you have

26:55 3 pieces of practical Advice for those furloughed or laid off due to Covid

29:34 Stay in practical mode for 48 hours and then you can grieve

30:19 Why positive mindset is essential for the long term unemployed

31:01 How being open AND having clear criteria brought Ashley to Japan

31:56 Be specific and people can help you

34:55 Friday Career Affirmations – turning her homesickness into gratitude

37:50 The power of amazing bosses

39:94 Even in difficult situations you still have control

41:34 the power of the F* off Fund

42:23 Finances first

43:11 Believe you are the right candidate for the job

43:57 Interviews aren’t the time to be humble – but you don’t need to be braggadocios either!

45:30 An extra tip for when you are laid off – get your appraisals printed outa and your factual achievements on your linked in profile!

46:31 Do all Japanese people have ikigai?

47:33 Yes, but are they always connected to it?

48:15 The importance of being connected to your work and your financial drivers

49:00 Everyone is motivated… but maybe not to do the thing you want them to do

50:17 If your HR Compliance is boring then you should be excited!

51:59 Shifting perspectives and bias about roles

54:03 All you have inside of you is all you need – take the next logical or illogical step

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