Finding your Ikigai in Public Service

Noemi Inoue is the first foreign-born woman to be elected as a local councillor in Japan. Originally from Bolivia, Noemi talks about how her ikigai around public service led to her starting an NPO, changing her nationality and then becoming a three-time elected politician in Sumida ward in Tokyo.

We had some issues with sound quality as is the joy of online recording but I loved hearing about Noemi’s story as a proud Sumida resident who is not ready to give up my British passport.

I am in awe of her!And so impressive to be interviewed in her third language too. I hope you enjoy it!

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Show Notes

2:50 From Bolivia to Tokyo

5:30 Coming back to the workforce after 10 years

6:40 Mr Inoue suggests “why don’t you become Japanese and work for the UN?!”

7:20 And now why don’t you become a councillor?!

8:20 Changing nationality as part of a commitment to her Ikigai

11:40 Rights and Obligations

12:58 The trigger between idea and action to run for office

15:01 Seeing the challenges of foreigner living in Japan and wanting to ease that

17:00 “It’s not part of my job…” but doing it anyway from an act of service

20:50 Motivation to support those in needs in daily life2

2:30 Being a voice for the disenfranchised

22:42 Talking about the Sumida Koen renewal project

25:55 Challenges as a politician – how Noemi keeps going

28:42 Her secret weapon – an approachable politician!

30:30 Being not only a councillor but a friend

31:55 Where does she get her energy from?

33:21 Advice for foreigners in Japan

35:08 Taking your first step in public service

38:30 Noemi announces the next iteration of her Ikigai! (just kidding!)

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