Done & Dusted December

Make March Matter Part IX: #NoRegretsNovember wraps up

This free online community was created on February 27th, 2020 as a way to support entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners affected by Coronavirus cancellations.

Our aim is to provide connection, accountability and inspired action. It is a community that brings smiles, cheerleaders and new ideas.

What happened in November?

We will continue into December!

The theme for next month will be…..

Drumroll please……….:


 “Done & Dusted December”

Why? The two Katheryn/ Catherines posted this idea simultaneously so it seemed to resonate with a lot of members

Done & Dusted is very popular in the UK to signify a task is fully completed. No loose ends, everything is tidy and the work is spotless.

  1. Get Stuff Done! – There is still time to finish projects, complete study goals, launch a service you have been planning. With fewer people travelling overseas this year, you may find more chances to connect with international customers in what used to be a “short month” for decision makers with most things needed to be signed off by about the 18th of December!
  2. Dusted – A chance also to clean up loose ends. Follow up on errant tasks, leave things in a better condition. Japan has an end of year tradition called “osouji” (大掃除 – literal “Big cleaning” but perhaps deep cleaning in the tradition of spring cleaning is more appropriate). It is a way to purify the house before the new year (as well as preparing for visitors over the New Year holidays!) So what can you deep clean in your business? Clients who only bring trouble? Processes that no longer support you? Services that don’t make sense in a COVID world? What can you let go off as we go into 2021?

Done & Dusted – do share your ideas for what you would like to achieve in the last month of 2020!

Done & Dusted December: Make March Matter Part X

December Guest Speakers Announcement

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Based on member requests, we have a special series of Sales Focused Guest Speakers in December. Whether you are focused on B2C or B2B sales, you will find this content relevant and useful to grow your business in 2021.

WEDNESDAY FROM 09:00 UTC+09-10:00 UTC+09
The Art and Science of Motivating People to Talk With You
Matthew Dons
WEDNESDAY, 9 DECEMBER 2020 FROM 08:30 UTC+09-09:30 UTC+09
Closing Time with Dr. David Sweet
TUESDAY, 22 DECEMBER 2020 FROM 09:00 UTC+09-10:00 UTC+09
What Solopreneurs can learn from Management Consultants with Guest Speaker Mari Ono

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