No Regrets November

Make March Matter Part VIII: #OMGOctober wraps up

This free online community was created on February 27th, 2020 as a way to support entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners affected by Coronavirus cancellations.

Our aim is to provide connection, accountability and inspired action. It is a community that brings smiles, cheerleaders and new ideas.

What happened in October?

  • The biggest OMG moment! Make March Matter is a nominee for the BCCJ British Business Awards 2020 Responsible Business Award. So proud of our community for grass roots practical and mental support for small business owners in this challenging year,
  • Over 220 people in the Facebook group . Our doors are always open to new members who need support and community.
  • 1 face to face socially distanced lunch for Tokyo members – wonderful to see people in 3D. Thanks to Phil Robertson from Honyaku Plus for recommending the terrace at Bebu where we could enjoy mask free eating al fresco.
  • 9 Regular Meetings –  Monday Morning Accountability Kick Off, Friday Evening TGIF Week in Review. The bookends of the start and end of the week are powerful motivators. We also had an entertaining Hallowe’en dress up where Kristen Quillan at Drawing Meditations won the unofficial best costume award as a non-scary clown
  • 3 Guest Speaker Content Sessions:
  • 3 Virtual Co-working Sessions hosted by Katheryn Gronauer and Jennifer Shinkai. We also held our first 50/20/50 Focus Finder session. I plan to do one at the start of each quarter.

We will continue into November!

The theme for next month will be…..

Drumroll please……….:


 “No Regrets November”


After a very active and entertaining call-in to the group for ideas, two favourites emerged for a hotly contested Hallowe’en poll.

Nurturing November got unlucky with 13 votes but I think it resonated as it focuses on kindness to ourselves and our client pipeline.

But No Regrets November won out with 16 votes. Here’s what it means to me:

  1. Just two more months of 2020 left: What are the things that you promised you would do? Can you achieve them in the next 60 days? Perhaps you can tap into the energy of the Unbreakable 90 Day Focus Challenge – which I in my full on Harry Potter fan mode call “The Unbreakable Vow”.
  2. No Regrets – say “yes” to something new, so “no” to something no serving you anymore. Make mistakes and explore the learning. Make a big ask of someone and be ok with whatever the answer is. But whatever you do don’t regret it. What is regret? My good friend tells us this
    • “to look back with distress or sorrowful longing; to grieve for on remembering,” late 14c., from Old French regreter “long after, bewail, lament someone’s death; ask the help of” (Modern French regretter), from re-, intensive prefix (see re-), + -greter, possibly from Frankish or some other Germanic source (compare Old English grætan “to weep;” Old Norse grata “to weep, groan”), from Proto-Germanic *gretan “weep.”
OMG October: Make March Matter Part VIII

November Guest Speakers Announcement

You can follow all our events here

How Many Clients? A fireside chat with Maya Ileto, Angela Ortiz and Jennifer Shinkai Wed November 11
Relationships by Design: Constellations with Sarah Furuya Wed November 18

See you over at the Facebook Group

How can you support Make March Matter?

1. Contribute

Make March Matter is and will remain a free community. If you are in a position to contribute, I accept payments via PayPal to Previous contributions ranged from ¥10,000 to ¥30,000 or choose an amount of your choice. Entirely optional and gratefully received.

2. Share your knowledge

I’m actively looking for guest speakers to share your expertise, knowledge and offers to the community. You get a great platform to practice your online facilitation and an engaged and interested audience ready to learn from you. Drop me a DM if you might be interested.

3. Grow the community

Invite your friends and partners who might benefit and bring new ideas to the group.

Share the event reviews on your SNS. 

4. Shine a light

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