Accentuating August

Make March Matter Part V: #jumpstartjuly wraps up

This free online community was created on February 27th as a way to support entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners affected by Coronavirus cancellations.

Our aim is to provide connection, accountability and inspired action. It is a community that brings smiles, cheerleaders and new ideas.

What happened in July?

  • Almost 215 people in the Facebook group . Our doors are always open to new members who need support and community.
  • 8 Regular Meetings –  Monday Morning Accountability Kick Off, Friday Evening TGIF Week in Review The bookends of the start and end of the week are powerful motivators.
  • 2 Guest Speaker Content Sessions  –”The Essential Photos you need to build your business” with Tia Haygood of TopTia and “SDGs for SMEs” with Sarajean Rossitto, Social Impact Architect
  • 14 Virtual Co-working Sessions hosted by Katheryn Gronauer and Jennifer Shinkai – lots of supportive brainstorming and motivation happening in these sessions

We will continue into August!

The theme for next month (after another interesting #hashtag debate in the group) will be…..

Drumroll please……….:


 “Accentuating August”


It’s the 6th month of life with Covid-19 and Make March Matter – and I don’t know about you but I’m a bit tired. August is usually my month to travel to Europe, reconnect with family and friends, escape from Tokyo’s heat and humidity. I basically designed my life to not work in August – part of my Ikigai. But with the slow start to the year, no Olympics and no travel plans, I decided to try to embrace this month and enjoy it in Tokyo.

And words like “action”, “ambitious”, “aim high”, “awesome” sounded too much like the endless hustle and grind that has been driving a lot of this years pivoting. I need a break!

“Aspirational”, “abundant” were close contenders but the focus seems to be on something that you don’t have, looking at the lack.

“Analyse” was up there too but who wants to spend the summer holidays looking at spreadsheets.

So “Accentuating August” – it’s about the here and now, appreciating what is right in front of you. It’s about drawing attention and highlighting things. It’s about showing off and slowing down. There’s something soft and sensual about it that reminds me of my Covid curves! Enjoy this time, focus on what you love about your business, your customers, yourself.

What do you want to give prominence to in your life this month?

Health? Relationships? Business Development? Content Creation? Systems?

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Accentuating August: Make March Matter Part VI

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