Just Do It June

Make March Matter Part III: #makemagicinmay is in the bag!

This free online community was created on February 27th as a way to support entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners affected by Coronavirus cancellations.

Our aim is to provide connection, accountability and inspired action.

What a passionate, connected and inspiring community!

What happened in May?

  • Over 190 people in the Facebook group (so close to 200!)
  • 9 Regular Meetings –  Monday Morning Accountability Kick Off, , Friday Evening TGIF Week in Review – We said a gentle goodbye to the Mid-Week Power Hour. The bookends of the start and end of the week are powerful motivators
  • 3 Guest Speaker Content Sessions  – Business Brainstorm for COVID-19 with Guest Jason DeLuca, Make Magic in May Morning Happy Hour – Guest: Nami Ishihara, 3 (More) Science Based Practices for a Meaningful Life with Me, Jennifer Shinkai
  • 12 (!) Virtual Co-working Sessions hosted by member Katheryn Gronauer
  • The state of emergency was lifted in Japan at the end of May which means another transition for our lives and businesses

We will continue into June

The theme for next month (after I read a very interesting #hashtag debate in the group) will be…..

Drumroll please……….:


 “Just Do it June”

Just Do It June: Make March Matter Part IV

This month is all about getting stuff done! I was going to go with JFDI June but decided to keep it PG13. Japan at least is lifting some restrictions so we need to navigate how we do business again – what do you want to start doing? What do you want to stop? What do you want to continue? And let’s do it in June!

See you over at the Facebook Group

How can you support Make March Matter?

1. Contribute

Make March Matter is and will remain a free community. If you are in a position to contribute though, I can accept payments via PayPal to jennifer.shinkai@gmail.com. Previous contributions ranged from ¥10,000 to ¥25,000 or an amount of your choice – you choose and entirely optional.

2. Share your knowledge

I’m actively looking for guest speakers to share your expertise, knowledge and offers to the community. You get a great platform to practice your online facilitation and an engaged and interested audience ready to learn from you. Drop me a DM if you might be interested.

3. Grow the community

Invite your friends and partners who might benefit and bring new ideas to the group.

Share the event reviews on your SNS. 

4. Shine a light

Write a testimonial on my Facebook Business Page https://www.facebook.com/jennifershinkaicoach/

or LinkedIn Page 

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