Creating Inclusive Meetings with AI

Are you searching for ways to harness the innovative ideas of your diverse workforce?
Are you looking for an interactive workshop to mark International Women’s Day and increase collaboration across functions?
Would you like your team to experience a positive approach to solutions that allows
different voices to be heard?

While many organizations in Japan are making efforts to increase diversity in terms of
gender in the workforce, many companies feel that they are not able to truly leverage
the unique views of the women they are hiring. The focus on the “what” and “who” of
diversity, now needs to shift to the “how” of inclusion.

WinBE (Women In Business Empowerment) is a collective of three Japan-based
facilitators who are passionate about Diversity and Inclusion. In the month of March we
want to help your company find more ways to harness the diverse perspectives of your
women to inspire innovation.

What’s the workshop about?

In this three hour workshop, 10-100 of your employees can connect across divisions,
hierarchies, gender and nationality. Using the Appreciative Inquiry approach they will
create an Inclusive Meeting framework prototype that is unique to your organization.

Appreciative Inquiry is an asset-based approach to solutions that opens up your team to
new ideas and perspectives. Workshop participants will discover how your organization
can utilize existing strengths to develop further diversity and inclusion.
The workshop output will be a prototype design of ways that your organization can run
meetings where innovation can be fostered. Meetings give voices to the diversity of
thought, backgrounds and perspective. These meetings represent a different way to
approach ideas and will move away from the status quo. As a follow-up activity, teams
can implement in their work groups as a pilot program.

Who should attend?

The program is designed to be flexible in terms of number of participants with a
minimum size of 10 and maximum size of 100. The facilitators can deliver in English
and Japanese so can support an international audience. The workshop can be run across
functions to increase collaboration and internal networking

Why March?

March is a busy time in many corporate calendars in Japan ahead of a new financial
year as well as preparing for new graduate onboarding in April.
However, March also brings many different times when we think about women and
their role in Japanese society.

We start with Hina Matsuri on March 3 rd where we pray for the growth and happiness of young girls. On March 8th , we celebrate International Women’s Day,  a global day
celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This
year’s theme is #pressforprogress.And then on March 14 th , there is White Day, where we repay the giri chocolates received a month before.
WinBE would like to leverage on this awareness. Instead of marshmallows and cookies,
help your organization to empower your female employees to drive growth and
innovation by creating meetings where multiple voices can be heard.
We are currently taking reservations for a limited number of workshops in March,
please contact Jennifer Shinkai for more information in English or Hiroko Shinoda
for more information in Japanese.

About WinBE (Women in Business Empowerment)

WinBE is a collective of three Japan-based facilitators, Setsu Suzuki, Hiroko Shinoda
and Jennifer Shinkai, who came together after meeting at the 2017 Global Summit of
As a trusted third party, we work with organizations in Japan to develop workplaces
where high-potential female leaders can drive business results and contribute to
innovation across products and solutions. With our backgrounds in coaching and global
leadership development, we co-create solutions with our clients to develop inclusive
We are currently taking reservations for a limited number of workshops in March,
please contact Jennifer Shinkai for more information in English or Hiroko Shinoda
for more information in Japanese.

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