Lean In Japan Entrepreneurs 2017/18 Kick Off Meeting – Event wrap up

“Revitalised”, “Energised” and “Inspired”

Three of the closing comments at the September 21 Lean In Japan Entrepreneurs 2017/18 Kick Off meeting. (Not sure what Lean In is? Check out this post and my personal story on the power of peer support)

7 members joined the live meeting sponsored by Smart Partners K.K. and 2 members joined via Zoom. Thanks to Jason de Luca for his continued support in our second year!

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Choose Happiness@Work

As many of the group have been meeting regularly we started with a different type of connection activity. This game got us talking and sharing best practices of how we can be happier and according to the game’s creators “Science suggests that a boost in happiness raises productivity 10-25%”. As entrepreneurs we are all looking at how we can get more out of our day!

201709 LeanIn Japan Entrepreneurs

Creating Shared Circle Goals

“One year from now, what would you like this circle to help you achieve?”

Circle members shared their big picture business goals and we defined 4 broad themes.

As business owners, marketing, pricing and negotiation, continued professional development and work-life balance came up as key areas that the 2017/18 curriculum will focus on.

Accountability, Resources and a Sounding Board

These were themes highlighted as expectations as to how the Circle can support each member to achieve goals. To enable this a closed Lean In Japan Entrepreneurs Facebook group has been set up to allow smoother communication than the current LeanIn.Org forum/ email list.

Dates for future events have been tentatively set for 9:30-11:30am via zoom with a face to face meeting four times a year. Register for the Lean In Japan Entrepreneurs Circle to get your invitation.

2017- 10/19, 11/15, 12/12 (F2F)

2018 – 1/18, 2/21, 3/20 (F2F), 4/19, 5/23, 6,21 (F2F), 7/17


“A vital event for me to attend”

In closing, one of the circle members described the meeting as “too important, vital for me to attend”. Even though members had to battle through traffic, personal illness and getting lost, every meeting brings connection, cameraderie and most importrantly actionable ideas to grow our business.

If you are an English-speaking, Japan-based female entrepreneur who would like to grow your business, apply online at Lean In Japan Entrepreneurs Circle.


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