Resilience Marathon – Update

With a time of 5 hours 34 minutes, it wasn’t even close to a personal best, but I am delighted to have completed Tokyo Marathon on February 26th, 2017 and be able to raise significant funds for Resilience.

Today, I transferred 271,880JPY to NPO Resilience’s bank account.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored the run and also for the opportunity to raise awareness about domestic abuse and sexual violence in Japan. I will launch another sponsored challenge in April where I will really be pushing myself to new limits!

I attended a FEW event in March and I was lucky enough to hear Sachi speak again.

Her stories always make me want to do more which is why I will continue to fund raise for Resilience in 2017

You can find more resources at their website:

Here is the message I received from the founder, Sachi Nakajima:

“To everyone who was generous to donate to our cause, and to Jennifer who donated her race funds for Resilience!

Since 2003, we have been providing services to those who have been abused in relationships of all kinds (families, schools or at the work place).  During that time, the demand for our services has continued to be on the rise. With such a growing need for our work, we have had our share of struggles in continuing to run our non-profit organization.

Jennifer’s incredibly generous donation will now allow us to keep offering classes and workshops to those in need.

With much gratitude,

Sachi Nakajima”

What can you do today to support people who don’t have a voice? Can you volunteer, fundraise, raise awareness?

What strengths do you have that can be of service to others?