Write for impact: global business communication

Whether you are writing an email to your colleague in Germany, a proposal to your client in Australia or an appraisal document to share with APAC HR, your focus needs to be laser sharp. 
My Japanese client asked me to share some resources on writing for impact in global business communication. I thought I would share the love with you too!

Recommended Reading

Andy Maslen’s Copywriting Sourcebook – focus on writing that sells and persuades. Loads of ideas and samples.
Made to Stick – a great book on why some ideas “stick” and how you can communicate to make sure your ideas do too.
Predatory Thinking  – the author was a copywriter and the text is a masterclass in direct tone and short sentences! The content is based on a series of stories of how to outthink the competition. Entertaining and thought provoking.
The Laws of Simplicity – the first law is “Reduce: The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction.” Brevity, action verbs and concise sentences are the way forward!
I’d love to hear your recommendations too. What resources have made you rethink how you write? What are some of your best call to action phrases?
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