On February 26, 2017, I will be running my third Tokyo marathon.

Marathons call upon the runner to have resilience – both mental and physical reserves to draw upon, an ability to bounce back to shape during training and the race itself.

Whilst a marathon has a finish line, recovery from domestic violence and sexual abuse is an ongoing journey.

My work as a coach and facilitator to help women to create and communicate change makes supporting the Japanese NPO Resilience so meaningful for me.

Resilience (特定非営利活動法人レジリエンス), a non-profit organisation established in 2003 in Japan, provides education and support to those who have lived through abusive relationships including domestic violence, child abuse and sexual trauma.

Resilience’s goal is to provide opportunities for accessible emotional support in a non-clinical setting. Experiencing domestic violence or any other trauma is devastating, but careful self-reflection of one’s experience in a safe environment leads not only to healing, but also to personal growth. Japanese)


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