Are you ready for coaching?

Grab a paper and pen and answer these five questions honestly.

  1. I am ready to fully commit to changing my life – Answer Yes or No
  2. I am open to suggestions from my coach – Answer Yes or No
  3. I am ready to take the action necessary to get what I want – Answer Yes or No
  4. I have three goals in mind for which I am ready, willing and able to work on – Answer Yes or No and write down your three goals
  5. I am willing to invest in my future with time and money  – Answer Yes or No


How was your score?

5 out of 5? Then contact me about starting your coaching journey today.

If you scored less than 5 out of 5, you may not be ready for coaching yet.


Bonus questions to begin the self awareness required to support change

  1. List 3 roadblocks that might stop you from being fully open to coaching.
  2. How have you sabotaged yourself from succeeding in something in the past?
  3. What would the payoff be in not getting what you say you want in your life?

Bring these answers along to our first session and let’s get started!

These questions were discussed in an ICA Coach Training Class in June 2016.


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